Manage your product images from your Dropbox!

SyncIMG helps you to manage your Shopify product photos via Dropbox. To start, follow these instructions:

  1. Link your Dropbox to the SyncIMG app.
  2. SyncIMG performs a scan on all your existing product images on Shopify. (This step may take some time depending on the number of products you have on Shopify)
  3. You click on the [Initialize] to begin initial setup.
  4. SyncIMG creates a folder in your Dropbox account and downloads all product images from Shopify into that folder. Images are grouped by Product folders and nested under Vendor folders.
  5. You add / remove images in the Product folders.
  6. You go back to SyncIMG and click on the [Check again now] button.
  7. After the checking progress has completed, click on the [Synchronize] button to synchronize the changed product images back to Shopify.